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Connecting Customers to your Auto Shop

Our ecosystem is the only one in the market that incorporates all stakeholders; vehicle owners, shops, and suppliers. Through our platform users can review, modify, authorize estimates and pay without the intervention and pressure of speaking with a shop employee. This results in increased shop revenues as vehicle owners have access to unbiased, clear information without the pressures of the selling environment which increases trust in their shop. Our platform substantially increases workflow efficiency, lowers operational costs while creating extremely valuable analytics for suppliers.

Empower customers through transparency
We include customers in the ecosystem by incorporating their preferences in our patent pending automated estimation process. By addressing key problems in the communication chain eliminating trust issues and empowering customers to make better and faster decisions while mating the service experience to their purchase preferences.
Empower Shops through efficiency
We address employee shortage by eliminating 70% of the service advising process, increase customer responses to estimates by eliminating the need to research and allow auto shops to tap into the $81.3 billion dollars of unperformed work. This translates in increased shop sales of 35%, increased customer satisfaction, operational costs reduction by up to 25% and while decreasing churn.
Empower Suppliers through insight
Analytics generated from anonymized repair shops data benefit the parts suppliers and provide them a substantial competitive advantage by increasing their supply chain efficiency, improving inventory turnover and allowing them access to loss sale data, in addition to increasing sales, shop loyalty and the capacity to gain market share.
Rebel Technologies is all you need
to empower your clients, suppliers and your bottom line
Increase shop sales by 35%
By increasing vehicle owners’ response to unperformed work.
Automated Estimating
Preference based Automated Estimating through our patent pending process.
Eliminate operational inefficiencies
Digital inspections with automated workflow that reduces operational costs by 25%.
Enhance supply chain
Access to sales analytics that contribute to better stock forecasting.
Increase suppliers revenue
Through insight into lost sales and improved inventory turnover.
Better and faster decisions for vehicle owners
By addressing key problems in the communication chain eliminating trust issues.
Build trust
Increased customer satisfaction and confidence in Shops.
Millennial Focus
Our platform is the first of its kind designed with supporting millennial market segment.
Knowledge base
Information that help customers make better decisions.
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